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For those who don’t know about coupon codes, then you must be actually kidding yourself. For those who neglect then you might be sure a billionaire. But, those who are simple humble being like you and me, whose life revolves too much on commitments and craziness to attempt anything, then coupon codes and voucher codes are the best pals.

Coupon or voucher codes help you save a lot of money when taken from the right stores and used well within time. Right from grocery, food restaurants, clothing stores, pizza joints, burger joints, veggies stores and even the most famous dollar stores have coupon codes to help people buy more when they really need. If you happen to take acloser look, then the newspaper, a weekly column has only coupons! These coupons according to me are another form of money. You redeem them for the said amount at the said store, you get offers and discounts. Sometimes the offers will be B1G1!

Iam a person who is acrazy collector of ‘coupons’ and ‘codes’, I love shopping but spending less! My principle has led me to this spot where I save dozens of dimes on shopping for the family, be it a festival or a regular day. Coupons have helped me to pile up and stock on the non-perishables like toiletries, detergents, cleaners, personal hygiene products and few more. For a weekly grocery including veggies, bread and cakes I use the coupon at the general stores like Walmart and Marks to save more or buy more. I always have saved money from this habit and this has made me more than happy.


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Does offline store accept code?

As we said, offline and online have adifferent set of vouchers. Sometimes they might accept a printed copy of the voucher code, but mostly they will require you to redeem the coupon online. It all depends on the type of store and the courtesy they hold. In case they reject, you may have to walk back, but it anyway never hurts to ask!

Linked coupons, what are they?

A linked coupon is the one that doesn't have any code, but a special link will take you to the promotional page. Once you click there, it will automatically apply the offer and direct you to thefinal payment page.

YOUR COMPANY We hope the article provided very useful info.

When it's the Christmas time, I never look at the budget, but first, collect coupons and start buying gifts and décor items for thehome, because I know my principle will never let me down and what is a Christmas, where you don't exchange gifts! .

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How to go about if the place to enter the code is missing?

Normally there will FAQ's on the website and you can get all the info there. You can also find it on the customer service page. In the worst case that you find anywhere here, then dial up the cse office and ask them for ways.