All about Voucher codes

Who doesn’t love shopping? Especially the women fraternity, are there anyone who doesn’t like it? Well, no!! Absolutely No! How about shopping using discount vouchers, coupon codes, coupons? That’s amazing news, right? We know, in fact, many of you also know about thecraziness of people during sale period in shopping!! All of us want value for money and we see ways to reduce the expenses! But certain things can’t be compromised on and also can’t be left back! So, what do you do at that time?

Stay with theguilt of not buying, or stay with theguilt of excessive spending? What if you become smarter and do all of them without any guilt? That’s our idea, intention and motto! Voucher codes are the person’s best gift and friend. You can buy more with less, with just little smart thinking. Come on reading further to know how you can actually achieve this!

How to find codes, coupon or voucher codes?

Well, this is the first thing that comes into our mind. How can we get access to those vouchers or coupons or codes? Vouchers or coupons are those that are printed in hard copy and can be redeemed or exchanged at the offline stores. But voucher codes or coupon codes are something that can be redeemed online. Since the online shopping is the ruler, this type is more beneficial than the offline. Get to google, and type any of these –voucher codes, coupon codes etc., you will get a huge list that gives away discount vouchers and their codes to be redeemed. Normally the brand will post them on their own website too, but more often the code will be -available in a related website and that will lead you to the page for online shopping.

How to redeem a coupon code?

Based on the online store that you visit there are different places on the site to enter these coupon codes. In few stores, thecoupon code can be entered in the cart, before checking out, while in few others, it can be entered only after checking out the carts. Check the page carefully for the place to enter the codes, sometimes they may also be addressed as ‘promo codes’, before completing the payment.

How to know if the coupon is active or not?

Normally the coupon codes validity will be mentioned. You can check them by entering in the website or page and checking for offers. in case you don’t see any discounts, then try contacting the customer care. Usually, once you enter the code and enter the details and proceed further, you can see the amount that you need to pay after applying the code, or total amount discounted. Sometimes you can see both, but by proceeding further. In case you don’t find, then only the CSE can help you.

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Does offline store accept code?

As we said, offline and online have a different set of vouchers. Sometimes they might accept a printed copy of the voucher code, but mostly they will require you to redeem the coupon online (eg. at It all depends on the type of store and the courtesy they hold. In case they reject, you may have to walk back, but it anyway never hurts to ask!

Linked coupons, what are they?

A linked coupon is the one that doesn't have any code, but a special link will take you to the promotional page. Once you click there, it will automatically apply the offer and direct you to thefinal payment page.

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When it's the Christmas time, I never look at the budget, but first, collect coupons and start buying gifts and décor items for thehome, because I know my principle will never let me down and what is a Christmas, where you don't exchange gifts! .

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How to go about if the place to enter the code is missing?

Normally there will FAQ's on the website and you can get all the info there. You can also find it on the customer service page. In the worst case that you find anywhere here, then dial up the cse office and ask them for ways.